Recent and not-so-recent work

I was asked by writer Nicolas Burman to contribute to his journal Focus On Sound. The assignment was to do a comic based around the concept of sound. I was inspired by Psalm 19  “They have no speech, they use no words, no sound is heard from them.” – so I drew up a comic about the lack of sound. This is page 2. Published in Focus On Sound


The “Penitential Psalms”  form part of the Herranaughansage, “The Saga of Sir One-Eye”. As the Herranaughansaghe has guilt, punishment en redemption as its central themes, I decided to illustrate the  Penitential Psalms. The imagery used refers to both the original psalms and the Herranaughansaghe. The pages below were published in Kutlul #12,  

I made a translation into Dutch of the famous ‘Emerald Tablet’, a key text of alchemy, and turned it into ‘De Smaragden Tafel’, a comic featuring two cats in a landscape inspired by the symbolism of the ‘Emerald Tablet’. Published in Zone5300 #121, Spring Issue. Page 3 of De Smaragden tafel

Detail of page 1

Detail of page 2

detail of page 4


Illustration from ‘Myricim’as part of a musical collaboration with Adam Plant of EEZY SLEEZ, an Australian underground label.


The ‘Herranaughansaghe’ or ‘The saga of Sir One-Eye’ tells the tale of the journey of Sir One-Eye to the Holy Land and his encounters with female demons on the way. The text consists entirely of heavy-metal lyrics translated into the imaginary medieval language of Aengluetz, a language that I constructed by mixing Old English and Old Dutch with bizarre grammatical rules. Installments of the Saga were published in Kutlul #9





‘Servaes’ is another part of the Herranaughansaghe. The text is a translation from Middle Dutch into Aengluetz of an episode in the medieval legend of Servaes by Hendrik van den Veldeken. This text was mixed in turn with an Aengluetz translation of the Motorhead classic “We Are The Roadcrew”.  Published in Kutlul #10.